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Local Initiatives & Programs

Drug Free Coalition 

Drug Free Montgomery County is a coalition of community members and stakeholders that are interested in helping educate and fight substance use within the community. The coalition offers bi-monthly educational meetings for the public and local organizations about the programs and services available in the community.  For more information contact:

Prevention Council 

The Prevention Council is focused on the primary and secondary prevention and education efforts in Montgomery County related to substance use. For more information contact:

Quick Response Team (QRT)

Montgomery County Quick Response Team (QRT) is one of the most advanced and integrated approaches in the country focused on addressing our communities Substance Use Disorders.  The Team is comprised of Crawfordsville Firefighter/Paramedics, Peer Recovery Coaches, Law Enforcement Officers, Physicians, Public Health Officials, Healthcare Professionals, and Counselors.

The QRT is staffed 24/7 and specially trained to serve as a first responder unit for narcotic-related medical emergencies and, thereafter, to approach and counsel overdose victims during their recovery windows and the 72 hours immediately following life-threatening drug overdoses — when persons are thought to be more accepting for help. For more information contact Paul Miller at

Trauma Informed – Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (TI-ROSC)

The TI-ROSC uses a community-based approach that promotes compassionate awareness and education, with the goal of empowering individuals & families, increasing motivation, & instilling hope for self-directed recovery from trauma & substance use disorder (SUD). For more information contact

Transitional Housing

Montgomery County is actively seeking options to address transitional housing within the community. There are currently no emergency or immediate housing options for individuals in Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Courts and Probation Department have been actively searching for funds and property to adequately address the need for housing.

Jail Chemical Addictions Program (JCAP)

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office began a pilot of the Jail Chemical Addictions Program (JCAP), in March of 2019. The 90-day program offers men with substance use offenses cognitive behavioral therapy, both individually and in-group settings, and life skills courses to lead individuals in a path toward recovery. The program works with outside agencies to help meet each individual’s needs (Valley Oaks, Crawfordsville Fire Department, Montgomery County Health Department, etc.)  A women’s POD will be running in a similar manner in 2020. For more information contact Lonnie Jones with the MCSO.

Drug Court

Montgomery County Drug Court Treatment Program is a specialty court that provides assistance to participants who want to live a life of recovery.  Participants apply through their counsel while their case is pending.  If approved, they agree to remain in the program for 2-3 years.  Program requirements include attending 90 self-help meetings in 90 days; completing Intensive Outpatient Program, Relapse Prevention and Aftercare; regular court hearings, ranging from weekly to monthly.  Many participants also complete individual therapy, couples’ counseling and programs to address criminal thinking.  The goal is to help participants identify the barriers that keep leading them back to drug use and the criminal justice system so they can live a life in recovery.

Veterans Court

The Montgomery County Veterans Treatment Court Program is a collaboration of the Criminal Justice System, Treatment Providers, and Community Support to assist the Veteran with connecting to resources to address issues, problems, and needs; as well as, hold the participant accountable for their behaviors.  The Veterans Treatment Court is 12 to 36 months in length.  The program strives to assist the veteran to achieve success and lead law-abiding lives.

Harm Reduction Coalition

Harm Reduction is a set of practical strategies that are aimed to reduce the negative consequences associated with substance use. The coalition works to educate the community and advocate for change to reduce substance use and addiction. The coalition works on prevention through educating on topics such as prescription drug take back events, sharps disposal, naloxone, safe-use kits, nicotine cessation, etc. For more information contact

Recovery Coalition

The Recovery Coalition brings together the recovery community in Montgomery County and to foster recovery in those still struggling with addiction.  The Recovery Coalition has formed The Recovery Rec Center to promote sobriety, community, fellowship, and growth for those in recovery and is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to all aspects of recovery. The Rec Center holds 12 step programs, various small groups, and other activities. For more information contact


Click here to see the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) Overdose Prevention Newsletter and learn more about the initiatives happening statewide.

Last Updated: February 2024